Dozens of Chechens detained after a mass brawl in Germany


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexei vitvitskiy / RIA Novosti

About 60-80 representatives of the Chechen Diaspora was detained by police in the German town of Rheinsberg after a mass brawl. About it reports DW.

According to the newspaper, the operation took place in the night of Saturday, July 25, after the night before in one of the districts of the city there was a scuffle between several Chechens and a group of Germans and poles. Then seven people were injured, two of them were hospitalized. The cause of the conflict has not yet been established.

To prevent further unrest, the police conducted an operation in the streets of Moreprecise, which detained several dozen Chechens. After the police recorded their data, all released. Prior to that, was also detained five Germans, three poles involved in the fight. Some time later they also released.

At the end of June the French police arrested members of the Chechen Diaspora involved in the unrest in Dijon, which began after they decided to take revenge for the alleged brutal beating of 16-year-old Chechen local drug traffickers. According to local media reports, June 15, over 150 natives of Chechnya gathered in the streets of Dijon to commit revenge. Many were armed. Then it was noted that the clashes 11 people were injured, some in serious condition. Later, the four detainees were charged.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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