Dr. butcher has revealed the main indicators of human health


www.vsyako.netAlexander Myasnikovich: Mr Song / RIA Novosti

Broadcaster and Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov, better known as doctor butcher, opened four major indicator of human health. On Sunday, July 26, he told the TV channel “Russia-1”, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

First of all, the butchers noted that the need to control blood pressure. Then to see the level of cholesterol in the blood and also to monitor the performance of sugar. In addition, he said that we should not ignore changes in the amount of the waist.

According to the doctor, all this “deadly Quartet” of indicators by which one can understand that the tendency to cancer, heart and rest of common diseases. “The most important factors that everyone should pay attention,” said butchers.

The doctor explained what to watch for with a weight less important than to control the parameters of the waist. He called normal values for women and for men — 88 and 102 cm, respectively. If the indicators begin to exceed the required norms, you should go to the doctors because the body is in danger.

The butchers were advised to change or modify the food, if a person began to appear such problems. In addition, at least 500 grams from normal food should be fruits and vegetables, he said.

Earlier it was reported that butchers criticized the idea of distance education in Russia. According to him, the level of education and so “fell below the critical mark”. In addition, students in educational institutions acquire communication skills with peers. “At home, staring at a computer, really transvestites pull,” said the doctor.

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