Ivlieva revealed the details of infection with coronavirus


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TV presenter and blogger Anastasia Ivlieva revealed the details of infection with coronavirus. Appropriate post she published on his page in Instagram.

She wrote a coronavirus that emerged as the cold her husband rapper Alexei Asenyka (LJ), and then she. The first few days, writes Ivlieva, together with her husband they drank cold remedies, but for 4-5 day “was followed by the loss of taste that and alarmed”. “I have appeared fatigue and runny nose, had a headache,” — said TV presenter.

As noted Ivlieva, loss of taste occurred the father of LJ. After passing the test revealed that COVID-19 was detected in half of the family.

“We were isolated from each other, waited a couple of days, passed the second test, which showed the crown have the whole family! In General, the condition bearable as determined immediately and not delayed! The main thing is the parents had no complications. In General, I feel normal. Just sluggish and weak dumplings”, she continued.

The presenter also urged the subscribers to do without advice, as she, along with her husband under medical supervision 24/7.

Earlier, the TV presenter and blogger Anastasia Ivleva said in Instagram that she was infected with coronavirus with her husband. However, she urged followers to be careful because “the virus will not go away”, and LJ has posted a positive test result for COVID-19, accompanied by his joke that “he had the crown, so he was the king.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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