Named share recovery without treatment from COVID-19 Russians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The majority of Russians infected with coronavirus recover without major treatment. This scientist-pharmacologist Yuri Kiselev said in an interview with “Izvestia”.

Thus, according to statistics in Russia, recover from COVID-19 for the time of the pandemic, more than 98 percent of patients. Many of them get better “without any treatment other than antipyretics banal”. “We have a reliable ally — our immune system, and do not underestimate him. But the enemy we have is panic, which sometimes difficult not to succumb, but it can be dangerous for both the patient and the doctor,” he explained.

According to the pharmacologist, the most popular in the world and a combination of medicines for the treatment of COVID-19 antiviral therapy, drugs to suppress the excess of inflammation, and adjuvant treatment, in particular for the prevention of thrombosis.

Kiselev reminded that self-treatment with COVID-19 can be more dangerous than the virus itself. In particular, he warned against the use of antibiotics, including in hospitals, as these drugs have no effect on viruses. However, their General function during coronavirus infection only contributes to the further spread of more dangerous problems — bacterial resistance to them.

In Russia over the past day it has been revealed 5765 patients. The total number of infected in Russia exceeded 812 thousand. Of these, more than 600 thousand recovered, over 13,2 thousands died. In June, the who declared the withdrawal of Russia on a plateau on the coronavirus.

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