Rodchenkov called the cause of the boycott of the USSR Olympics-1984 in Los Angeles


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Informant world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Grigory Rodchenkov were reported by the USSR boycott of summer Olympic games of 1984 in Los Angeles. An excerpt from his book quotes the edition of the Mail on Sunday.

According to Rodchenkova, the Soviet delegation had planned to place a secret doping lab on the ship in the port city, but the ship was not allowed. In addition, the sports officials of the USSR learned about the introduction of games of the new test method, which is not allowed to go unpunished, many of the Soviet athletes.

According to Rodchenkova, the Soviet Union was able to make it work after four years at the Olympics in 1988 in Seoul. The informant WADA clarified that he personally directed a secret laboratory that was hidden on the ship “Mikhail Sholokhov”.

In 2015, Rodchenkov, who previously held the position of head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, fled to the United States. His testimony formed the basis of the report on the current Russian state support of doping established by the Commission at WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren. The results of the investigation, a number of Russian athletes were disqualified and stripped of awards.

In December 2019, Russia was suspended from participating in international tournaments, as well as from their conduct for a period of four years. The decision was taken by the Executive Committee of WADA. It was associated with the manipulation of the database of the Moscow laboratory. Rodchenkov said that Russia “will receive deserved punishment for their sins associated with doping”.

In may 2020, it was reported that Rodchenkov wrote an autobiographical book. In the book summary States that it is dedicated to the doping scandal in the Russian sport, namely the “collapse of the secret doping of the Empire.”

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