The number of cases of coronavirus in the world exceeded 16 million


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Simon Dawson / Reuters

The number of cases of coronavirus in the world has exceeded 16 million. This is evidenced by the data portal Worldometer.

According to at 04:30 Moscow time, all the time with the coronavirus fell ill 16 196 503 people around the world. Of them withdrawali more than 9.9 million people died — 648,3 thousand.

The first three places by the number of cases is the USA (4.3 million), Brazil (2.3 million) and India (1.3 million). The same countries top the list according to the number recovered: two million, 1.6 million and 886 thousand, respectively. Victims of infection in most of the United States — 149,3 thousand. In second place on this indicator, Brazil (86,4 thousand), the third — UK (45,7 thousand).

Thus, according to Johns Hopkins University, the number of infections did not exceed the mark of 16 million. According to him, all was revealed 15 983 502 cases COVID-19.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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