The psychologist gave advice to the deceived wives



Psychologist Tatiana Vlasevskaya gave advice to women who have experienced infidelity of their elected representatives. It is reported by channel five.

In her view, faced with betrayal, the couple should take a break. It is necessary to consider the causes of the incident, as often it can be the reason for the change in the relationship. Vlasevskaya believes that partners need to rethink their behavior and try to survive infidelity in order to move forward. It is important to solve the problem together and in private.

“All women are perfect beings, the Queen, and they are all sensitive to betrayal and treachery,” said the psychologist. She advises them to see a different angle on his life: “to remove the crown and imagine that you’re a man.” She recalled that people tend to make mistakes. It is necessary to pay due attention to the spouse, despite the workload and lack of time.

The psychologist called an unhealthy situation when a woman forgives the cheating because of his insecurities and suffering.

Earlier, the resident of the US for three months before the wedding found out that her fiancĂ© has a mistress. She created an account on a social network and a few videos listed clear signs of male infidelity, which he called “red flags”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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