The Russian actor of the series responded to the accusations of “propaganda of LGBT and feminism”


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The Russian actor of the series “Cheeky”, the founders of which were accused of “propaganda of LGBT and feminism,” answered the claims of the film. The authors “understand the severity of the raise and didn’t want to offend anyone,” said the American Steven Thomas Ochsner in conversation with the publication of “the Rise”.

“I think that this is a story about strength and overall aspects of human life. It has nothing to do with LGBT and feminism,” said the actor who played the father of a boy who dressed in women’s clothes.

He stressed that “proud” and does not consider it propaganda. At the same time, added the American, it scares the reaction of some people on the story line of the series: for example, there was a case when the “man in deep drinking bout shot the set and said that it is not true”.

“Then the pair of cases was, when we met with disgruntled locals who do not understand what we do. But we were open, so the people who first came up with the claims, and began to help us,” he concluded.

The case of the shooting, says the publication, occurred in September 2019 in Kabardino-Balkaria: drunk man attacked the car of the crew with the weapon, after which he was detained by the police.

Earlier it was reported that the public Commissioner for the protection of the family Olga Baranets filed a complaint in the Ministry of internal Affairs and communications for the service who posted the Russian TV series “Chica”.

Baranets accused the creators of “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations and feminism,” drawing attention to the fact that the main heroine of the film work as prostitutes, and the show contains “scenes of physical and psychological violence”. Also the Ombudsman was outraged that “the show paid much attention to the homosexual sexual orientation” of a minor character.

Comedy-drama “Hunky” tells the story of three prostitutes, start a new life and opened the business on the advice of a friend. The first two series were placed on the platform 4 Jun 2020. The main roles are played by Irina Gorbacheva, Irina Nosova, shmykova Varvara and Alena Mikhailova.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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