The US has threatened Haftarot sanctions because of the refusal to export oil


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Costas Baltas / Reuters

The US government threatened the commander of the Libyan national army (LNA) the Caliph Haftarot sanctions, because it allegedly hinders the supply of oil from the North African country. With this statement made by the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

As told to the newspaper’s sources among American officials, this information was transferred to the Haftarot, the representatives of the US state Department. Washington has threatened sanctions because of the refusal of the commander to resume oil exports.

It also indicates that US officials considered the position of the Haftarot ridiculous and uncompromising. Washington believes that the threat of sanctions may affect the commander of the LDF, since he supposedly has property in the United States.

The paper argues that this is about being in Virginia ranch 185 cost thousands of dollars and housing that is 364 thousand dollars. The publication notes that the Haftarot are an American citizen, he previously had connections with the CIA.

9 June it was reported that the mysterious armed forces invaded the largest oil field in Libya El-Sharara and tried to stop its production. As explained by the national oil Corporation of Libya (National Oil Corporation, NOC) to the field came in some force under the leadership of commander Muhammad Khalifa, who is the head of “protection of oil installations in the South”. He immediately ordered to stop production.

On 7 June it became known that the national oil Corporation of Libya has resumed oil production at the largest mine in the country ash-Sharara. Prior to that oil production there had stopped about five months ago, causing the country lost more than five billion dollars.

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