The US will spend another trillion dollars to rescue the economy


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Senators from the Republican party intend to submit a draft of a new package of measures to save the American economy in the amount of one trillion dollars. This was stated by the Minister of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, reports the Associated Press.

According to him, the proposed initiative has received the support of the White house. Now the project is considering only the technical issues, the Minister said. “Inside the package of one trillion is the highest priority and urgent things,” said Mnuchin, adding that it is still necessary to resolve disputed issues with the Democrats. He noted that because of their position in the draft, probably did not include a proposal to reduce the payroll tax.

The Finance Minister said that the package included new payments to American families. The Minister said that direct payments in the amount of 1.2 thousand dollars will be based on the same formula as in the previous bill to stimulate the economy. That is, citizens earning up to $ 75 thousand, will receive the payment fully, and earning more than 100 thousand will not get anything from the state. Individuals with income from 75 thousand to 100 thousand dollars get less than 1.2 thousand dollars, the exact amount will be calculated on the basis of the earnings of each individual American.

In March, the US has agreed to allocate two trillion dollars to support the economy amid pandemic coronavirus. According to the plan, the money will go to help the business support of hospitals and other health care providers, as well as equipment and necessary materials. In addition funds were directed to state authorities.

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