Trump has introduced a regime of emergency because of the powerful hurricane


www.vsyako.netDonald Truephoto: Tom Brenner / Reuters

US President, Donald trump declared a state of emergency in the state of Texas, which has suffered from powerful hurricane “Hanna”. The corresponding decree he signed on Sunday, July 26, according to the White house website.

He ordered to provide Federal assistance to Supplement the efforts of local authorities to confront emergency conditions caused by the hurricane.

Earlier, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the introduction of state of emergency in 32 of the 254 counties of the state, mostly coastal.

“Hannah” is the first hurricane season in the Atlantic ocean. The national centre for monitoring hurricanes, the US announced the formation of a tropical storm in the night of Friday, June 24. The next day, it intensified to a hurricane. Despite its eventual weakening, the threat of heavy rains, which could result in floods and lead to the fact that the river will overflow its banks.

Atmospheric phenomenon is classified as a tropical storm if the wind speed within it is about 17.5 meters per second. If you increase the wind speed of 33 meters per second, it becomes a hurricane. Hurricane season in the Atlantic lasts from early June to the end of November.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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