Walking a sick child on a “leash” she has explained


www.vsyako.netPhoto: screenshot YouTube video 45.RU

The inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk Varvara Ponomareva, harried after the video of her walking with a sick son, where users saw the leash, he explained. It is reported portal 45.ru.

According to the woman, the video was filmed when she was walking home with a pensioner and a boy. She explained that a half-blind elderly men a severe form of Alzheimer’s disease, and the child cannot speak and does not understand when spoken to. and not aware of danger.

“If he runs, I catch him, but in order to catch up, I first had to leave half-blind and does not understand the surrounding world grandfather one on the street,” said Ponomarev. She also added that this is a necessary security.

Previously, the woman explained that no leash was not there, and suffering nizkorentabelnym autistic boy doctors recommended to wear a special bracelet. It leaves the child the freedom of movement and does not harm yourself, said the heroine of the movie.

The video has caused a heated discussion in social networks. “Okay, what was the neck hitched,” reads one comment. “Severe Mound! First see as children lead on a leash,” — said the author of the video in the comments 45.RU.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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