A bruise on the leg of a policeman turned out to be a symptom of cancer


www.vsyako.netPhoto: John Haywood

Inexplicable bruise on the leg of the police from the English County of greater Manchester was a symptom of cancer. This publication reports The Mirror.

46-year-old John Haywood (John Haywood) first drew attention to a hematoma on the ankle in the summer of 2019. Then it was the size of a small coin. A COP who loves running and Cycling, felt that he had hurt himself, and didn’t attach to bruise the values. Over time, however, the hematoma did not pass, and increased in size, so he decided to take her to a dermatologist.

In September the British came the tests, which show that he was diagnosed with sarcoma — a rare and aggressive form of cancer. A few months later at Haywood found lymphoma — cancer of blood cells.

Police had to temporarily leave the service and to be treated. He claims that he helped his wife, formerly a nurse, now occupying a senior position in a local organization for cancer therapy. The Briton admitted that it was difficult to tell eight-year-old daughter about the diagnosis.

Haywood has already had two operations on his ankle in the hope to get rid of sarcoma, but the disease cannot win. He now has a five-week radiotherapy course. This method has helped him cope with lymphoma, and he lays great hopes on him.

Earlier it was reported that chronic hematoma of a resident of Portugal was a rare form of cancer. The woman did a biopsy and found that she suffers from a rare form of skin cancer — pigmented wybuchowa of dermatofibrosarcoma Bednar.

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