American doctors urged to resume strict quarantine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tom Brenner / Reuters

More than 150 American medical experts, medical professionals, scientists, teachers and experts in other fields have signed a collective letter to the authorities, which called for a resumption of more stringent quarantine in the country. It is reported by CNN.

A letter was sent to the presidential administration, U.S. Congress and state governors. It recalls that the United States is moving towards the psychological mark of 200 thousand deaths due to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 — it is expected that many Americans will become victims of the pandemic by November of this year.

“However, in many States, people can drink in bars, in hair salons to get a haircut, eat at restaurants, get tattoos, go for a massage, and participate in many other normal, pleasant, but not a necessary activity” — the authors of the document.

The channel indicates that from the moment of easing of the quarantine measures for more than 91 thousand people died in the US due to caused by a coronavirus, a new type of disease COVID-19. All, according to the Institute of Johns Hopkins, there are more than 146 thousand dead. However, over the last four days died every day at least a thousand patients with this diagnosis.

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