Australian authorities have accused Google of violating privacy policy


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The Australian government has accused Google in the introduction confusing to the user in order to obtain their personal data to improve earnings on targeted advertising. A lawsuit was filed by the Australian Commission on competition and consumer protection (ACCC) in the Federal court of the country, said on Monday, July 27, Reuters.

In the case file indicates made in 2016 changes to Google’s privacy policy in collecting personal information of users, including Cookies from services and sites that are not owned by an American company.

Thus, in the wording of the provisions of Google said that depending on the settings of the user account and the products used, information about the actions on other sites and in other applications can be associated with personal data of the user. This can happen if the “partner applies Google Analytics in conjunction with advertising services.”

According to representatives of the Australian Commission, the appropriate changes allowed the company to link models of consumer behavior and personal preferences of the users with their real names for better accuracy of the ads settings. While these actions violate the law because this item is not explained in the privacy policy. In addition, users do not consent to use of personal data in the new environment.

At the same time, according to Reuters, Google denies the allegations, stressing that the company has used a simple to understand procedure to ensure that the users have consented to the new rules. In case, if consent has not been obtained, the changes were not in force, concluded to Google.

Earlier in July, the company Boies Schiller Flexner has sued Google Corporation Google Inc, accusing it of spying on users. According to the firm, Google illegally collected data from users, even when they were off the corresponding functions in their accounts.

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