Became aware of first re-infection with coronavirus in Russia


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In Saint-Petersburg state pediatric medical University, allegedly registered the first case of re-infection with coronavirus. About it to “Komsomolskaya Pravda — St. Petersburg” said the head of the Department for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 Svetlana Bannova.

We are talking about a four year old patient with severe concomitant disease associated with cancer of the blood. The child with a positive test result for coronavirus was admitted to the Department about a month ago. After treatment he recovered, however, after some time, his tests reaffirmed the presence of the virus in the body.

“Strictly speaking, we still do not say exactly what it is. May indeed have been the so-called “reinfection” — that is, re-infection,” explained Bannova. Another reason could be the feature of the immune system of the boy by treating the amount of virus decreased to such an extent that it ceased to be tests, and then SARS-CoV-2 began again to multiply.

It is noted that to find out the cause of re-infection is difficult, in addition, professionals such task did not stand. Currently, the little patient recovered and left the office.

On July 22 the Governor of Vladimir region Mr Sipiagin said that in the region recorded repeated infection with coronavirus. The second time was infected one of the doctors, both infected within two months. Later in the administration clarified that a physician first diagnosed him with pneumonia with a negative test result for coronavirus, and in the second case, the test for coronavirus was positive.

Chief infectionist of the Ministry of health Vladimir closets said that re-infection with coronavirus is rare and is associated with individual characteristics of the immune system of the individual patient. According to him, the vaccine will effectively protect the body from infection.

In Russia over the past day it has been revealed 5765 patients. The total number of infected in Russia exceeded 812 thousand. Of these, more than 600 thousand recovered, over 13,2 thousands died. In June, the who declared the withdrawal of Russia on a plateau on the coronavirus.

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