Become aware of the willingness of the son of Bari Alibasov to bury my father for the glory


www.vsyako.netBari Alibasov, starshift: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The son of producer Bari Alibasov for the sake of their own PR and glory ready to bury my father. About it in conversation with the portal a friend said Alibasov senior Natalia Shturm.

“This Sonny overworked to such an extent that is really ready to bury my dad. But would not come out of the TV. Bari Jr. felt like a star. All of this to him madly in love” she explained.

She also noted that the son of producer — uninteresting people, so he tries to “squeeze all the juice” out connected with father stories. While the Bari Alibasov-the senior Storm calls good and charming man, friend of all artists, who publicly with anybody did not quarrel.

“But then climbed his Sonny and started all these stories one after another. He kapanol, saw off it went, and went! First with “the Mole” promoted the theme, now began the next. And what Bari Jr. PR?” — she complained.

At the end of June it was reported that Bari Alibasov moved from a drug treatment clinic in mental health due to amnestic syndrome triggered by alcohol consumption. This condition is characterized by memory disorder in which the patient remembers what has happened before, but may not remember current events. Subsequently he was found to have irreversible damage in the cerebral cortex.

Last summer Alibasov accidentally drank a tool for cleaning pipes “Mole”. He was hospitalized with acute poisoning. The producer received strong burns of the esophagus, a few days spent in a coma.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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