Called an unexpected effect of the pandemic coronavirus


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Scientists have described an unexpected effect of the pandemic coronavirus that erupted in 2020. The spread of the infection led to a sharp increase in the consumption of disposable plastic, which undermines the task of saving the environment. This was written in the journal Science.

According to the researchers, by 2040 the amount of plastic that enters the oceans of the world, can triple, and the pandemic has exacerbated the situation. Scientists have developed an exit plan from the crisis, assessing the turnover of plastic with the help of economic models.

Experts came to the conclusion that the emission of plastic can be cut by 80 percent, but for this you first need to reduce the production of virgin plastic — that is, material which has not been used. The second step will be the improvement of the system of garbage collection around the world and investment in the development of plastic which is easier to recycle. “However, even if we manage to sharply increase the collection and recycling of plastic, the goals still not achieved, if not to freeze the production of primary plastic at the level of 2020,” — said the researchers.

Previously, scientists involved in the study of marine economy, believes that investing in the sea one of the most promising. In their words, the benefits can bring, for example, investment in the construction of wind turbines at sea and dredging of channels to increase the supply of natural, protein-rich foods.

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