Called the city of Russia with the worst metro


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maya Zinkina / “Kommersant”

St. Petersburg metro is recognized as the worst in Russia. Ranking of metros made up by experts of the public Council under the Ministry of transport of Russia and the Public chamber, reports Telergam channel “Rise”.

Subway was evaluated on a number of indicators. Take into account, in particular, their mention in the media, as well as the quality of work and customer service metro reviews on the Internet. In addition, experts found out how the subway in particular city is available, is it difficult to navigate it, how much passengers pay for the trip and how much it is of ways.

Best called the Moscow metro, second place — the subway in Kazan. Next in the ranking — Samara and Nizhny Novgorod, and Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg were on the last line.

Capital metro, meanwhile, is recognized as not only the best but also the most expensive: one ride is 57 rubles. The cheapest fare on the subway of Novosibirsk, where for the trip are paid 25 rubles.

Earlier in July it became known that in Moscow I will experiment to reduce fares outside of rush hour in the subway. This was stated by the Deputy mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov. According to him, the discount for passengers up to 50 percent. The beginning of the experiment is planned in September.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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