Died associate of General Lev Rokhlin


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Colonel, retired, associate and Deputy General, state Duma Deputy Lev Rokhlin, who was killed in July 1998, Viktor Skopenko died in Volgograd. It is reported V1.RU with reference to the widow Skopenko.

“Vitya could not stand the heart on the background of progressive diabetes. There were all these wars and hard life in recent years,” said Faith Skopenko.

Victor Skopenko was born in Stalingrad of September 4, 1951. After school chose a military career. In January 1979, being the captain of one of the first moved with his unit from Semipalatinsk to Afghanistan. There he met Rokhlin.

Before the first Chechen war in December 1994, Skopenko, he became Deputy commander of the 8th army corps for educational work. In October 1995 he was appointed to the position of Deputy commander of the 8th guards corps Lev Rokhlin, then between the officers struck up a friendship and together they decided to go into politics. In the elections to the state Duma, Rokhlin was elected Deputy, and Skopenko became his assistant.

General Lev Rokhlin was shot in the head on the night of 3 July 1998 on the summer residence in village Klokovo Naro-Fominsky area of Moscow suburbs. The only defendant in the murder was his wife, Tamara. In November 2005 Narofominskijj court recognized Rokhlin guilty and sentenced her to four years of imprisonment conditionally, having appointed a trial period in 2,5 years. According to the verdict, all actions Rokhlina was consistent and deliberate.

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