In the “Nord stream-2” deal with cod


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The operator of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” 2 Nord Stream AG has refused to consider the spawning of cod in the Baltic sea, an obstacle to the resumption of construction, reports TASS.

Examining the threat, the company explained that the ban on work applies only to the area known as the Bornholm basin. However, both lines of the pipeline already laid in the area, so that seasonal restrictions left.

About the problem with cod on July 25 he told the German newspaper Die Welt. According to the author of the material, Denmark will allow pipelay to start work for environmental reasons, so start them in Russia only in September.

In early July, the Danish energy Agency upon request 2 Nord Stream AG is allowed to use sudo with anchor positioning on the remaining section of the pipeline. The Agency acknowledged that in that place there of graves of ships with chemical warfare substances so that the bottom of the work does not bear any danger. However, to continue the construction can only be August 3, when the deadline for appealing the decision.

Currently, the pipeline was built by 93 percent. Work stopped after the United States threatened sanctions to the courts involved in the project, and the Swiss contractor Allseas has taken the pipelaying. To complete the project can involve the Russian court, but Washington is preparing new sanctions in order to block the construction.

Germany supports the project. At different levels are encouraged to take retaliatory measures, including to impose duties on American gas, which the country intends to replace the Russian.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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