Muscovite has set fire to a Playground because of the noise


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Emin Jafarov / “Kommersant”

A resident of an apartment building in Southeast Moscow was set on fire a children’s Playground, to get rid of the noisy companies under Windows. This was reported on the website of the capital Department of internal Affairs.

According to 44-year-old men on the court rested not children, but adults who drank there alcoholic beverages. Tired of the rowdy Muscovite doused the complex flammable and set fire to it. The sum of the caused damage has exceeded 100 thousand rubles.

In respect of the Firebug opened a criminal case on charges of vandalism, he’s under house arrest.

In April, the resident of Ryazan oblast was shot five neighbors because of the noise. Three people were killed in the stairwell, with one of his victims arrows hit right in the head. Two man shot in the street. All killed from 22 to 31 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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