“Naked Athena” with protests in the US, spoke about his campaign and work in the sex industry


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nathan Howard / Reuters

Protester in Portland us woman dubbed “the naked Athena” for access to the police only in the mask and hat, was a worker in the sex industry. Her identity revealed to the Daily Mail.

It is noted that became a symbol of protests in Portland a female employee sex Jen, she is over 30 years old. She said that the idea to organize a protest in the Nude was spontaneous. According to her, she decided on this in response to the actions of the police.

So Athena tried to draw the attention that the protesters are defenseless, as most have no weapons. “My nudity is politics, and it shows my attitude. Let them see where they shoot,” explained Jen.

July 20, in social networks there was video as “naked Athena” first steps on the sidewalk, and then sits down and starts practicing a series of poses from yoga and ballet to representatives of law and order. Photographer Dave Killen, who made the viral pictures of the protest, said police shot pepper balls at her feet and the woman ran over another protester with a makeshift shield, but she avoided it. According to the photographer, the policemen left after about 10 minutes once appeared “naked Athena”.

Earlier it was reported that the FBI investigated rioted in American Portland. Representatives of law enforcement agencies was defending himself in the court building, which protesters have fenced with a metal fence, trying to start a fire. In response, the special squad used tear gas. It is known that the protesters are using powerful lasers to blind security forces — a few people have already received a serious eye injury.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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