Pervert ten times quietly looked under the skirt of the boss


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In Singapore began the trial of 20-year-old man, who many times quietly looked under the skirt of the boss. It is reported by Yahoo News Singapore.

Pervert caught red-handed in October 2019. It happened when he once again crept up to the boss behind, was sent with his camera phone under her skirt and took ten shots. The woman noticed that her shoot, pushed the attacker and took his phone. Then the scene called the police.

A man was arrested and confiscated his phone and tablet. After studying their contents it turned out that 21 times he looked under her skirt to her boss. For two months he was able to remove more than one thousand photographs and two videos, which show the thighs and underwear of the victim.

On the court the attacker admitted his guilt in 21 the case of abuse of women’s dignity. In Singapore, the offence is punishable by imprisonment for up to one year and a fine. Because it has been committed repeatedly, the punishment can be doubled.

In February it was reported that the attacker from the American city of Apopka attacked women, looked under the skirt and lick the turtle. During the last arrest, he explained that the way he tickles their nerves and trying to fill the void in relationships with women.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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