Post-coronavirus told about a persistent months symptoms


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A resident of Australia, recovered from a new coronavirus infection, complained of a persistent months symptoms. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

27-year-old Samantha Demmler (Samantha Demmler) the state of Victoria was diagnosed with COVID-19 in mid-March, when she returned from the United States. The patient admits that at first he suffered only from a sore throat. At the end of the month she was discharged and admitted recovered.

However, even in July the Australian, who suffers from chronic asthma, continues to complain of symptoms of the infection. “My lungs are still fluid, my sense of smell still has not recovered completely, and I had memory problems,” admitted Demmler.

Interviewed by the journalists, the doctors say that the case of the Australians is not unique. Professor Peter Collignon (Peter Collignon) from the Australian national University explained that in the case of many diseases, a certain percentage of patients experience symptoms for a long time after recovery, however, a new coronavirus infection the proportion of such patients is unknown.

According to the latest data, as of July 27, in the world revealed 16.5 million cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. From COVID-19 653,3 killed thousands of people, 10.1 million people have recovered. In Australia, revealed 14.9 thousand cases of infection, killing 161 people.

Coronavirus infection is transmitted via small droplets that are emitted from the nose or mouth of the patient and settle on surrounding objects. The who recommends that you stay at least four feet away from other people, regularly wash or decontaminate hands and don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes. In public places and public transport should use a mask.

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