Received a broken arm in the conflict with the police, the journalist was fined


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The correspondent of “media zones” David Frenkel, who suffered a broken hand in the conflict with the police during the voting on amendments to the Constitution, was fined 2,5 thousand rubles. He was found guilty of meddling in the work of the electoral Commission, and in disobeying the police, according to the Telegram-channel “Rise” with reference to the joint press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

The court decision stated that Frankel “provoked a scandal that led to the accumulation of citizens in the room,” what was the reason for the violation of social distance introduced in the spread of the coronavirus. Also the actions of the journalist, according to the court, created a “hindrance to the participation of voters in voting, as the access to the place of issuance of ballots were hampered.”

Frenkel also received a warning for violating the rules of conduct under the regime of self-isolation. He came to the area without a mask and gloves.

On 30 June the journalist arrived at the polling station to check information about a possible violation. The police, for unknown reasons, decided to expel him from the premises with force. As a result, Frankel broke his arm. Later he was operated on. According to media reports, the operation lasted four hours.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the incident, stated that it needs to be investigated carefully. Sands, inter alia, reminded about the existence of the law on mass media, which regulates the media, including the presence of journalists at polling stations.

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