Russia accelerated the export of sugar abroad


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti

In the current season, which lasts from October 2019 to September 2020, Russia has dramatically accelerated the export of sugar abroad and may become the seventh largest exporter in the world. This is evidenced by data from the International sugar organization, RBC reports.

Earlier the country was not included even in the top ten largest suppliers, but in October can take out nearly 1.8 million tons of sugar. That’s more than Cuba and all countries of the European Union. First place with a volume of 24 million tons will be for Brazil.

In the previous season Russia, according Soyuzsahar, exported only 277 thousand tons of sugar, and by July it sold nearly 1.3 million tons. If note is made of sugar confectionery, in value terms, the exports rose from 79 million to $ 305 million.

The reason for this growth is called the harvest of sugar beet in 2019, which was more than the previous 29 percent. Sugar production in the country for several years more than the consumption, so he formed his inventory. Before starting a new processing season they are at their maximum historical levels. Because of this, the price of sugar in the country at the beginning of the year fell to dangerous levels.

Russian companies increased exports to the countries of Central Asia, in particular Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where goods were cheaper than the products of local factories from raw cane sugar. In addition, they have entered new markets, including Albania, Croatia, and Serbia.

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