The actress struck a tan before going to sleep and was frightened of his appearance in the morning


www.vsyako.netDaisy Mae Superfoto: @daisymaycooper

British actress used a bronzer before going to bed and the next morning, was frightened of his appearance. Her photographs published by The Sun.

In his Instagram account, Daisy Mae Cooper (Daisy May Cooper) posted a selfie, which shows that her face was covered with irregular reddish-brown spots.

Under the post she appealed to the subscribers for help. “Tomorrow I will be shooting the new show, and yesterday at 11pm I thought it would be nice to get some sun. I used the product for artificial tanning and woke up like this. I tried to fix it using the products for peeling, but nothing worked. Anyone can help me, please?” — she wrote.

As a result of the tips fans Cooper managed to get rid of a bad tan: the actress been stripped in the face and led color using baby oil for the body.

In may, the woman used a self-Tanner and after a while found an unexpected sign on the belly. It was found that during application it was linen with the monogram of the brand PINK. After the procedure, she discovered that the logo of the brand imprinted on the waist and abdomen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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