The bride made her friends to buy dresses for a wedding and was cursed


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The girl criticized the network for what asked the guests at their wedding to pay tens of thousands of rubles for the lovely bridesmaids ‘ dresses. The corresponding story drew the attention of the journalists of the Daily Mail.

So, anonymous lady from the UK has shared on the Mumsnet forum a story about how the birthday girl ordered her to purchase a event dress for 350 pounds (32 to 130 rubles). “My sister and I were asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of our cousin, which we have quite a close relationship,” explained the Briton.

She also added that she could not refuse sister pay for the expensive outfit, but she never addressed the guests with a similar request. At the end of your post usersa asked the readers of the forum, as they would do in such a situation.

Commentators supported the author and cursed the bride for the inappropriate request. “If they want a certain outfit, they have to pay for it, it’s too expensive dress in order to buy it one day, If she wants a lavish wedding, she should be able to afford it. It sounds ridiculous,” “If a couple chooses dresses for bridesmaids, she has to pay for them. It would be wiser on their part to ask you to buy their own outfits on the dedicated budget,” they expressed their opinion.

Earlier in July, outraged the guests refused to go to the wedding due to a very strict dress code. So, invited the woman placed a list of demands in the Facebook community, and That’s It, I’m Shaming Wedding. It was spelled out certain items for men and women. It was noted that the offending guests will not be allowed to triumph.

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