The head of RUSADA appreciated the calls Rodchenkova to remove Russia from the Olympics in Tokyo


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The head of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Yuri Hanus assessed the informant calls the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Gregory Rodchenkov to suspend Russia from participation in the summer Olympic games in Tokyo. His words are quoted by Sport24.

Hanus felt that it is a private statement Rodchenkova, which is at odds with the views of the leaders of WADA. However, he added that his dismissal from the post of the head of RUSADA will lead to the loss of the organization’s compliance status. “Therefore, the scenario, which says Rodchenkov, it may well be, but not because it is said Rodchenkov,” concluded the head of the Agency.

Earlier on July 27, Rodchenkov urged to suspend Russia from participation in the Games in Tokyo. He noted that it is impossible to make exceptions for individual athletes, as well as allow them to compete under a neutral flag.

In December 2019, Russia was suspended from participating in international tournaments, as well as from their conduct for a period of four years. The decision was taken by the Executive Committee of WADA. It was associated with the manipulation of the database of the Moscow laboratory.

In 2015, Rodchenkov, who previously held the position of head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, fled to the United States. His testimony formed the basis of the report of Richard McLaren of operating in Russia state system of support of doping. The results of the investigation, a number of Russian athletes were disqualified and stripped of awards.

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