The head of the region in Italy, was suspected in the “family” fraud on the background of the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netAttilio Fontanetto: Luca Bruno / AP

The Governor of the Italian Lombardia Attilio Fontana is under investigation: he is suspected of fraud in procurement of medical equipment in the epidemic of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, reports the European edition of Politico office.

The Milan Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation after the head of region has accused likely fraudulent schemes involving family firms. The attention of law enforcement has attracted public order of 75 thousand sets of personal protection and 7 thousand sets for disinfection. Supplied by the company Aria Spa, owned by the brother-in-law of the Governor. Wife Fountains owns 10 per cent of its shares.

After researchers from the programme Report drew attention to this contract, Aria Spa freely gave 50 the party of the thousands of suits and put the rest for sale. We know that shortly after this Fountain has requested the transfer of 250 thousand euros from his account in a Swiss Bank account of his brother-in-law, but one of the participating banks reported that the financial police.

“My assets declared by all the rules of transparency, nothing is hidden, and the media than to build their false sensation” — as the Governor himself commented on the events in Facebook.

Fountain belongs to a right-wing party “Northern League”. The party leader, interior Minister Matteo Salvini, spoke in support of the Lombard Governor, according to him, the charges against the Fountains are politically motivated.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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