The main rival of Lukashenko made for Belarusization


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The candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski published election program, which called for the Belarusization. The document is available on the official website of the main opponent of President Alexander Lukashenko in the upcoming elections.

Tikhanovski said about the importance of the development of education in the Belarusian language. As one of the objectives she mentioned the establishment of a national University with the Belarusian language of teaching as the core.

The education rate will be made on the implementation of country roadmaps of the Bologna process and the recognition of diplomas of Belarusian universities to the international labour market. The program also indicates the need for the election of rectors by the academic community of universities, the creation of independent student government organizations, the abolition of compulsory working out the distribution, the discriminatory provisions of the “law of delay”.

Earlier in interview “to the” one of the opposition leaders Valery Tsepkalo, of which the Central election Commission of Belarus refused to register a presidential candidate, shared his thoughts about Belarusization and Russian language. According to him, Russian and Belarusian languages are the heritage of the people, so they need to develop.

In Belarus on 9 August presidential election. Lukashenko believes that the country wants to organize a revolution. He complained of foreign interference in the election campaign by “foreign puppeteers”. The President warned that the country may lose part of its territory and return to the borders of 1921.

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