The man gave sweetheart “hypnotic drink” and it was considered extremely dangerous



The girl told how her partner recently confessed that he gave her “hypnotic drink”, because I didn’t want to talk to her during the long hours of driving. This was written by the lady Reddit with nick throwramerr. In the comments many urged her to leave from the man and found him extremely dangerous.

According to nick, her 35-year-old lover put it in a drink an antihistamine Benadryl causing drowsiness. In the result, the 26-year-old girl almost all the way asleep in the passenger seat. She explained that before leaving they had a fight and so the man wanted to avoid further disputes.

“I thought it was very surprising, because I was not tired and we left not before. I told him that I thought it was unusual,” wrote the lady. Later, the man admitted that he drugged her with “hypnotic drink” and “would often give her medicines when she is “acting weird” and arguing with him.” This surprised the woman, she asked the review to assess whether or not threat of such acts.

Nick supported the view of the girl and urged her to hurry to end the relationship with a man. Many said that living with him is extremely dangerous. According to them, if someone dared to do that once, then it is a signal that he can’t be trusted. Some also suggested that the author of the post to contact the police.

Earlier, a Reddit user shared the story about how I decided to “poison” his neighbor. The man was sure that he was stealing his food. Learning about lactose intolerance, he substituted almond milk for cow’s.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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