The man practiced strokes with the sword and accidentally cut the woman’s neck



In the English County of Kent the woman in the clothes of a Viking has received a deadly trauma during a rehearsal of historical reconstruction. This publication reports the Metro.

The incident occurred in a field near the village of Yalding. Man, practiced sword strokes, touched the woman and cut her neck. The scene sent a helicopter ambulance which took the victim to the hospital in London.

The case was struck residents of Yalding. “I saw the emergency workers gave her a blood transfusion, — said one of them. — When all this is happening in front of you, it’s shocking, but I’m glad she’s all right.” “I was quite surprised — he confessed to the other. — This is such a beautiful and peaceful village. Usually there is almost nothing going on and it’s fine.”

In 2016, it was reported that the British Queen’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice accidentally wounded by the sword of musician ed Sheeran. The blade ripped his cheek a few centimeters from the eye.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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