The Russian infantryman was in the hospital after the fireworks on Navy day


www.vsyako.netA naval parade in Severomorskie: @govmurman

In the city of Severomorsk of the Murmansk region infantryman came to the hospital after the fireworks on the Day of the Navy. About it reports “Interfax”.

The salute was held in the Seaside area, during the event, the victim was at the bottom of the bleachers and received a head injury. At the moment he is in hospital of the Northern fleet, its condition is estimated as stable.

According to “Interfax”, the relatives of the infantryman write in social networks that in his head “came the splinter of a shell”, from which he received an open head injury, a broken jaw, temporal and occipital bones, lost a lot of blood. It is not officially confirmed.

In the North sea fleet began checking to find out exactly how the man was injured. The inspection also began military investigative authorities, they are considering different versions of injury, including injuries from pyrotechnics.

On 16 June it was reported that the Russian military has suffered from explosion of the charge at the site in Novosibirsk region. Previously, they were injured due to gross safety violations, an explosion occurred in the percussion cap sleeve sleeve emasculated artillery battery, four persons suffered. All of them received injuries of limbs, the threat to their lives was not.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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