The Russians warned of the dangerous bread


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Experts Roskoshestvo warned about the danger of eating bread mold, and also indicated the cases in which it appears and on what grounds it can be determined. Material posted on the website of the organization.

Most often, the lesion can be detected in the bread that is sold in sliced and packaged form, as this increases the surface area available for mold.

The polymer film increases the risk of fungus, since such a package does not evaporate the condensate. In the paper under a towel or the appearance of mold less likely. But it’s best to leave bread in the bread when the air temperature 20-25 degrees and humidity of 70 percent.

The only exception is for products with low humidity, for example, drying, crackers, straws, where the polymer film is not so dangerous. However, if the package integrity and, as a result, penetration of moisture, mould may appear there.

Experts warn that the bread mold should be thrown out, only to cut off the affected part is impossible. The fact that the fungus penetrates the product until the appearance of visible fluffy deposits, so the rest of the time mildew can also be affected.

The mold can be of different colors: white, grey, green, yellow, blue, black, but most often on bread it is green or black. Most of them are dangerous to humans, moreover, some species produce substances with acute toxic or carcinogenic effects.

Best of all, noted in the article, focus on taste and smell. If the product it is lightweight rancid or moldy, then the process of microbial spoilage has already begun.

The rate of appearance of mildew depends on the method of preparation, the sanitary state of production. Wheat for bakery products, prepared using the accelerated method of sourdough and yeast, sure safe storage period is 24 hours and for wheat products are prepared for long-term technology — 36 hours. Rye and rye-wheat bread it is possible to use for 40 hours.

Earlier Roskoshestvo told about the dangerous parasites in fish that can lead to serious diseases, and recommended not to buy fish in private homes or with hands near rivers and lakes.

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