The stripper told about the meeting with his father at work


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The stripper of the weirdest moments in their work. In its history, laid out in TikTok, drew attention to the publication the Daily Mail.

18-year-old, who calls himself Imperial (Imperial), began working as a stripper when I was in high school. She admits that she is often faced with disrespectful attitudes of men and the hatred of jealous women.

In one of his most popular videos stripper told as met by chance while working with his father. She was hired to work at a private party. While she was dancing in the room for VIP guests, everything was fine, but she needed to go on stage in the bar area as she saw a stand of his father, who left the family when she was 14. The Imperial ran off in the private area, where she became hysterical. Hired her man asked her what was the matter, she explained the situation, and she was allowed the entire night to work in the rooms for VIP guests. Unknown, learned is her father.

One day when the Imperial was still in high school, she danced in the club and met one of their teachers. And he, and she was highly embarrassed when the school decided never to speak. The teacher kept his promise.

A stripper has complained that during operation it roughly grabbed the man. When she recoiled, he apologized and said it won’t happen again. When Imperial said that you can’t do that, her companion got mad and grabbed the gun. To help the girl, a guard came and sent for the offender two pistols. When the man cocked it, security shot him in the knee. It is not again molested visitors of clubs, including perverts.

The girl was threatened and the wives of the regulars at the strip clubs. According to her, they believe that dancers sleep with the visitors and they want revenge.

Imperial told his favorite story about the work: she once danced for men and women, and asked her to be photographed with them. Later there came the wife of this visitor, along with a photo. The stripper decided that she will threaten, but the woman explained that he wanted to hire her for a party on the occasion of the announcement of the divorce, disguised as a celebration of the anniversary. She learned that her husband was cheating on her, and decided to call the same dancer that he looked that night. Imperial agreed and said that the man broke down in tears when he saw the divorce papers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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