The United States ceased to consider Russia as the strongest contender


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U.S. authorities no longer consider Russia as its main rival. It is reported by the Financial Times.

According to the newspaper, the administration of U.S. President Donald trump recognizes China as a major threat from the point of view of technology, and military capabilities. The white house refused to consider Moscow the strongest contender despite the fact that Russia “threw a straight pickup Pro-Western world order” the annexation of Crimea in 2014, said the Financial Times.

The actions of the Chinese leadership are accompanied by “more hawkish tone” in Washington. It is also noted that after the introduction of sanctions against Russia due to the annexation of Crimea, the interaction between Moscow and Beijing intensified.

Some American politicians believe that Russia will unite with the US to counter China. In their opinion, relations between Moscow and Beijing are not so strong as it seems at first glance. This, in particular, said Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and his Deputy Steven bihun. According to Bihun, both countries share a mutual determination to challenge the United States.

Earlier in July, the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova caught the Americans in the provocations, which purpose — to play off Russia and China. According to her, the desire to promote equal partnership of Moscow and Beijing are long-term. While Zakharov did not give examples of the above mentioned provocations.

The relations between China and the United States in recent years remain ambitious — the countries are engaged in a trade war. In addition, serious problems in the relationship arise due to differences in the coronavirus and Hong Kong. In particular, on 8 July in Washington called the annexation came into force the law “On national security”. China calls what is happening an internal matter.

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