The United States covered the coin crisis


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The U.S. mint has addressed to Americans with the request to pay in coins to exchange them for paper money in banks or special devices. The corresponding address appeared on the website of the Mint.

On the background cover the country is pandemic coronavirus Americans out of fear of catching the infection through cash were more likely to prefer cashless payment methods. As a result, the residents of the United States have accumulated a significant number of coins, triggering a scarcity in circulation, and provoking in the country full coin crisis.

The shortage of small coins led to the fact that small businesses are unable to carry out cash payments, because they have no change. “You can help by paying in the store with no delivery and therefore returned all of the coins in circulation,” — said in the appeal of the Mint.

In March 2020, the CPS citing the world health organization (who) reported that the inhabitants of the planet called on to abandon the use of cash and cards and go to pay for the goods and services of contactless ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to experts the who, the virus can remain active on banknotes for up to four days, and on plastics is up to nine days. Later in the world health organization denied information.

Nevertheless, the inhabitants of the planet on the background of the pandemic began to abandon the use of cash to protect themselves from infection. So, the trend of cash accumulation and the transition to contactless payments was noticed in Germany. In China, which became the home of coronavirus, the authorities decided to destroy part of the cash collected in the most affected from infection areas. The Bank of Russia during a pandemic began to resist banknotes for at least two weeks of receipt, so they returned to the turnover of the clean.

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