The US gave Britain an Irish terrorist


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The US gave the UK an Irishman, who was convicted on charges of terrorism. It is reported Associated Press with reference to American authorities.

“In the United States will not be safe Harbor for foreign nationals convicted of terrorist activity”, — said the Director of the Boston office of Immigration and customs police USA Todd Lyons. He stressed that his Department will continue to remove from the country of dangerous aliens, “even if they managed to escape the law for a long time.”

The deportees was the former member of the Irish Republican army (IRA) Darcy Macmenamin, who lived in Boston. In 1993 at the age of 18, he took part in the attack on a police station in Northern Ireland using home-made mortars, was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison. Five years later, however, released on the Amnesty program.

Coming out of prison, Macmenamin repeatedly traveled to the United States without notifying the us government about his criminal history — immigration klassificeret this as grounds for deportation. The last time he was in Boston, where he was expelled.

The IRA, formed in 1969 as the military wing of the Irish party “Sinn FEIN”, traces its history to combat nationalist organizations created in the 1920-ies. Its main purpose IRA has always been called the unification of Ireland, which is part of the UK. In 2005 the IRA announced the cessation of guerrilla activities and switched to illegal business.

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