The verdict one of the most influential people of Belarus



The Supreme court of Belarus has sentenced 16 defendants in high-profile criminal cases involving large businesses and high-ranking officials, among which is one of the most influential people in the country Andrew vtyurin. It is reported

According to the investigation, some defendants received bribes for the supply of telecommunications equipment for government departments, others gave bribes for the opportunity to sign lucrative contracts.

Andrei vtyurin, former Deputy state Secretary of the security Council convicted of accepting bribes in the amount of 192 thousand dollars and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment with confiscation of property. The court has deprived of its special rank “Colonel”.

The former Deputy head of the main Department of information technologies of the National Bank Andrew Podgorny and former Chairman of the Belarusian interbank settlement center Felix Kasperovich were convicted in a joint bribery in the total amount not less than 868 thousand dollars. They are sentenced to 7.5 years of imprisonment.

Citizens of Russia Vitaly Gorbachev and Vladimir Kazantsev was sentenced to two years. The Russians, representing the interests of Russian companies “SmartLabs” and “UGMK-Telecom” was found guilty of bribery in the amount of not less than 190 thousand dollars. They were released from-under guards in a court hall given Amnesty and period served in custody in jail.

In April 2019, the vtyurin was detained at the time of receiving a large bribe from a Russian businessman for lobbying of interests in the supply of telecommunications equipment of the prison service. In a criminal case only takers seized more than 1.65 million dollars and 62 thousand euros, more than one kilogram of gold.

Andrei vtyurin considered one of the most influential Belarusians, his name is repeatedly included in the corresponding ratings. Prior to joining the Council in 2014, he spent seven years headed the presidential security Service, which came in 1995, i.e. after the first year of President Alexander Lukashenko. In 2002 he graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus, in 1992-the Saratov higher military command school of the interior Ministry of Russia. Is a native of Penza.

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