The widow of the founder of the channel has revealed his last words to a dying husband


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The widow of the founder of Fox News channel Roger Ailsa Elizabeth said that she knew about his infidelities during their marriage. According to Daily Mail, the journalist was accused of sexual harassment and as a result, he resigned as the head of the channel.

The woman uncovered that said wife shortly before his death. “Roger, we need you. Please come back to us. I forgive you,” she quoted the last words, which appealed to the founder of Fox News. The widow said that the man could not answer, but wept.

According to Elizabeth Ailsa, she personally knew at least one case of infidelity of the deceased spouse. “He was in sorrow and sought forgiveness. It was dark days,” said the widow. The woman also criticized the attitude of the spouse due to a sex scandal. “I think the world has forgotten what it means to show compassion,” she concluded.

Former Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of Fox News channel Roger Ailsa died at the age of 77 years in may 2017. He was the CEO of the channel since its inception in 1996. The Ailsa also known as a consultant to several presidential campaigns. About it positive including the President of the United States Donald trump.

In July 2016 the Ailsa resigned after a sex scandal. Several TV presenters Fox News accused him of sexual harassment, among them was Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. According to Carlson, she said Ailsa reciprocity, which was dismissed. The court sided with the journalist and made her compensation in the amount of $ 20 million. Kelly switched to another channel, NBC, in 2018.

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