The woman fell from the balcony because of a nightmare and broke his spine



A resident of the Welsh village Llansilin, region of Powys, in the dream, fell off the balcony and broke his back while on vacation. This is the website of Yahoo News.

47-year-old employee of the College coral Skipp (Skipp Coral) holidaying in Ibiza together with her fiancé John Lloyd (John Lloyd).

Thursday, July 23, Lloyd woke up in the night to go to the bathroom, and saw that his bride is not. He heard her screams coming from the street. It turned out that Skipp in the dream, went to the balcony and fell down after she had a nightmare.

The woman was hospitalized with fractures of the spine and hips. Doctors conducted her examination and find out what the injury is more serious than originally thought. Skipp spend in the hospital at least 16 weeks.

Lloyd is raising money for treatment of the bride. Friends and relatives of the couple managed to score more than four thousand pounds (364,5 thousand).

“We don’t know how much time you will spend here, so the money will come in handy. We can’t work here, so any money that will be able to collect, would really help us,” said Lloyd.

Earlier it was reported that an American resident of Ashland, Ohio, suffers from a behavioral disorder of sleep. When a man dreamt that he was confronted by the school bully, or fought off snakes, in reality, he missed sleeping next to his wife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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