The woman refused to cook my husband meat and almost destroyed the marriage



The woman decided to become a vegetarian, refused to buy and cook meat for my husband and almost destroyed the marriage. The story about her husband shared on Reddit.

According to him, they lived in wedlock with his wife for two years. About a year ago a woman quit her job. She estimated that her husband needs to work for eight hours a week more to earn the same amount of money she received for part-time work. The woman decided not to look for a new job and became a housewife. The author of the post noted that his wife promised to take care of all household chores, including cooking. He also upon returning from work were asked only to relax.

“I’m still washing your own clothes and run errands on the weekend. Breakfast before work she in all this time has prepared about ten times. But she did what was most important to me — I went shopping and cooked dinner five times a week. She’s a great cook,” wrote the man a year later after the “deal”.

The day before the publication of the post, the woman told him that he decided to become a vegetarian. Her husband supported this decision and suggested that she would cook his meat separately from your food. She refused and said that will not have to buy or cook meat. The man was not ready to abandon the usual diet, so I told my wife I will refuse additional work hours to go to the store and cook. To her he offered to go to work.

“She started crying and said that I was engaged in financial abosom, blackmailing her with the fact that to make money, and make being a home chef and cook what she doesn’t want for ethical reasons”, — said the author of the post. He admitted that he sees the situation quite differently: “I just want to eat food with meat, I don’t care who cooks it. But if it has to be me, I need to come home early and she should find a job even with a partial employment”. The man asked a Reddit user to evaluate whether he does with his wife, in the comments, many advised him to divorce.

“It’s not like I read the post about the married couple. You should be partners, and behave like bad neighbors,” wrote Crlyb2611. “She’s acting toxic, find a good lawyer and run!” — advised the man hazelnut25617. “Get rid of this suitcase without a handle (his wife) and you will be able every day to go out for something to eat,” he recommended lacitar.

Previously, the married 49-year-old resident of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu was under threat, after my wife checked the location in his phone and found there, a visit which he could not explain. The man went to the police, hoping to get compensation from Google for made his life a mess.

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