Ukraine declared war against Russia nature


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Press service of the Western military district of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation / RIA Novosti

Anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes (zrpk) “Pantsir-S1” in Russia, bred in Ethiopia down as a result of a lightning strike, was not grounded, says Defense Express, citing its own sources.

According to Ukrainian Agency, the complexes were placed on a rocky surface which is an insulator, and crews serving the affected machine, not grounding them, as required by safety.

“Against Russian weapons of war and nature,” — said Defense Express.

In June, Defense Express, citing its own sources, reported that in recent years during the military conflicts in Syria and Libya has been destroyed at least 23 complexes “Shell-S1” Russian production.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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