Varlamov has been exposed to coronavirus and listed it atypical symptoms


www.vsyako.netIlya Varlamovo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

A well-known blogger Ilya Varlamov have been exposed to coronavirus. In a publication on his website, he revealed the details of treatment, also listed atypical symptoms of infection faced personally.

According to the blogger, he felt tired, a little nausea and a fever after an intense workout and felt unwell a consequence of physical activity. Night Varlamov slept badly and woke up many times “then from the cold, from the infernal heat.”

The next morning he felt ill, but the temperature was not: “the Body ached a little, like after a hangover head was heavy.” During the day the temperature of the blogger raised, and by the evening has risen to 38. Varlamov said that he didn’t have any other symptoms: “Cough no, smells different, taste enjoy, even there is a certain courage.” He stressed that he felt well, but the fever is not abating.

Varlamov consulted a doctor who after hearing his story, 99 percent were sure that the blogger had contracted the coronavirus. The doctor prescribed a treatment, and Varlamov “isolated themselves at home and started with the comfort of the sick.” “If on the fifth day of the fever doesn’t break, it is necessary to do a CT scan to see what is in the lungs, but in 80% of cases, all confined to a temperature for a few days. This is the so-called “asymptomatic”,” explained the blogger.

By the evening of the third day the temperature suddenly dropped to 35.8. Varlamov said that neither felt its increase or decrease. Some days blogger “safely looked serialchik home, the temperature never returned, no other symptoms was not.” On the eighth day he first went to the doctor, in conclusion, computed tomography was reported that he contracted a viral infection, “with a high probability COVID-19”, however, the disease was “phase resolution”.

The next day at the foot Varlamov rash. “The doctor explained that it was a delayed reaction, it happens even after recovery, and not have to worry. The next morning the rash was gone and never returned,” explained the blogger.

A month later he was tested for the antibodies test was positive. Varlamov noted that none of the people with whom he talked, even his wife, where they slept in the same bed, was infected with coronavirus.

Varlamov previously criticized measures of public safety in Russian cities, calling them is absolutely useless. In his opinion, almost any fence in the city interferes with normal life, is used as a means of manipulating the mass consciousness and is a stupid waste of budgetary funds.

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