Accused of assaulting the expert “What? Where? When?” I stopped working with children


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The Expert “What? Where? When?” Michael Skipski accused of sexually assaulting a minor, had ceased to work with children. As reported on the website of the International Association of clubs (IAC) “What? Where? When?” the player withdrew from the Commission.

MACK said that Skipski has suspended participation in the Commission on work with children and young people from 28 July to their own. The main objectives of the Commission, according to the website, are the development and coordination of club activities among minors.

Earlier inside the club “What? Where?” there was a conflict due to accusations Skifskogo. Of the disciplinary Commission the POPPY has gone to her head Maria Uvarova. The President of the IAC Andrey Kozlov then said that the work of the Commission is suspended until the selection of a new head.

With the accusations against the scholar first made by the journalist edition of the Bell Catherine Arenina. Skipski was her geography teacher. According to the woman he molested when she was 15 years old: tried to kiss, touched and called to his home. In the comments several people have shared similar stories.

A colleague of expert Rovshan Askerov said he did not believe the woman who accused Skifskogo sexual harassment. He considered it a PR attempt, and the player called a wonderful man that she met outside of the club. The President of the IAC Andrei Kozlov told reporters that he was not going to comment on “the events of ten years ago” and felt that charges could be an attempt to “hypnoti”. He Skipski did not comment on the charges.

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