Bill gates has criticized the method for detection of coronavirus


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The founder of Microsoft and co-chair of the charity Foundation bill gates has criticized the method for detection of coronavirus in the United States. It is reported by CNBC.

Gates called crazy a time interval between the taking of tests for coronavirus and receiving the results that the US usually takes more than 48 hours. In his opinion, in this case, the test is a waste of time and resources. He stressed that no one should pay for a diagnostic method, when the results come in for seven days, as people at this time continue to infect others.

In June, gates responded to the accusations in the chipping of humanity through vaccination: he denied all “unfounded” conspiracy theory with his participation. “I’ve never had any things like microchips. It’s so hard to deny because it’s very silly and strange,” — said the billionaire.

The theory of conspiracy in connection with the development of a vaccine actively propagate in the West and in Russia Director Nikita Mikhalkov, in its program “Besogon” suspected gates in the desire to microchipping all people in the world. The TV channel “Russia 24” showed replays of the issue under the title “one in the pocket of the United States?” what Mikhalkov subsequently complained of censorship. In addition, the video, accusing gates in the intention to destroy 15 percent of the inhabitants of the Earth”, scored millions of hits on YouTube.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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