Fishermen accidentally caught a huge fish weighing 800 pounds



Off the coast of the Indian state of West Bengal, caught a slope, the weight of which was 800 pounds. This was reported on the website KalingaTV.

Huge fish caught fishermen accidentally when they went to sea early on the morning of Monday, July 27. It happened near the border between the States of West Bengal and Odisha (Orissa).

When a giant Stingray pulled ashore, to see him, a crowd of onlookers. On the same day, a record haul were auctioned. The fishermen were able to rescue him 50 thousand rupees (about 50 rubles).

In may it was reported that Malaysian state of Sarawak caught four-meter freshwater hvostokol, referring to Urogymnus polylepis. To pull the catch out of the water, it took the efforts of four people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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