Identified the main method of protection from disease on Board


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Identified the main method of protection from disease on Board the aircraft to best protect yourself from germs and infections to the passenger during the flight you should take a seat by the window. About it writes the Daily Express.

As notes the edition, it is believed that with this arrangement minimizes the contact of the traveler with fellow travelers, including those who moves down the aisle between the seats. In addition, close is sitting only one person.

“Window Seating is the best, because the area of the Windows of the plane circulates fewer microbes”, — stated in the material. In addition, passengers to reduce the risk of catching the disease to a minimum, it is recommended not to get up and not to walk around the cabin during the flight.

Among other things tourists need to remember about the sanitary-hygienic norms and to take measures for disinfection, in particular, to treat antibacterial agents surrounding surfaces, armrests, folding tables, food trays, frames and glass Windows.

25 Jul German researchers estimated the probability of infection by the coronavirus during the flight in the plane. It was much lower than people think. The most dangerous for the passengers were the points of embarkation and disembarkation: people crowd at the doors, take hand Luggage. At the same time, ventilation air during flight provides relative safety.

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